Advertising Retail Jobs

Retail Jobs Advertising, there is a better way!

With e2e Recruitment Retail Jobs Advertising you can have the benefits of a Recruitment Agency advertising campaign, access to a wide range of job boards and full control of your Recruitment process.

When you require Recruitment support but don't need the help with the Full Recruitment Process, our Retail Jobs Advertising service is just what you are looking for. The Retail Jobs Advertising Service is perfect for large and small businesses and can be used as a one off helping hand when your have a larger than normal Recruitment drive, or, if you are a smaller business but want the competitive advantage but have a limited budget.

What ever your need or reason, out Retail Jobs Advertising solution can be the perfect addition to your Recruitment strategy. We can work with you to ensure that the solution meets your needs and that we can fit in with your internal Recruitment processes.

You can also use the service to offload the heavy administrative side of the recruitment process, allowing you and your managers to free up their time to focus on core business requirements, knowing that your Recruitment is in safe hands.

Key Features:
- extended advertising reach
- recruitment agency database search
- recruitment agency job alert email sent to candidates
- personally crafted job advert based on the requirements of your role
- candidates phone screened in or out of the role (optional) based on the requirements of the role
> Initial five to ten minute call
- we can review the candidates for you and decline them for you (optional)
- we send relevant candidates to you for review through our online portal
>> if you don't want to proceed, you click a box and we will notify them that they have not been successful
- all candidates sent to you and declined can be viewed through our Recruitment Portal at any time
- you process the candidates as you require
- you are invoiced for the advertising service only not per placement
>> if you hire five people from the the one advertising campaign there is only the one fee
- we can brand your advertising for some job portals

No matter your need or requirements, complete our request for information on the right hand side. One of our Consultants will be in touch to understand your needs and confirm the pricing for the required services. You will be surprised how cost effective our solution really is.